Storm S

(Sport Edition)

Distance Per Charge:


12.6v 5000ma LiPo Battery

Storm S+

(Sport Plus Edition)

Distance Per Charge:


16,8v 5000ma LiPo Battery

Storm R

(Racing Edition)

Distance Per Charge:


21v 8000ma LiPo Battery





Fastets and most reliable RC Bait Boat in the UK with extra long life brushless racing RC boat motors and LiPo (Lithium Polimer) battery! All of our boats are hand made in the EU by experts. Please check our HD Youtube videos and Webpage for more details (links are further down just below the postage time)

Our motto is to make boats for life. Our boats are guaranteed the highest quality ones on the market, you even can not compare with other, called „high end” expensive boats because the quality is not at the same level.

Handling is extremely precise, exceptionally smooth turning and throttle control (fully variable throttle and turn control)

The boat’s turning ability is unbeliveable.

You can customise your boat if you want for some extra, everything is possible. Our standard boat is at least 3 times faster than the other fastest bait boats. Our Boats are hand made in europe by professional experts.


All of our Boats comes with LiPo (lithium polimer) batteries. The common batterytipe of other boats is 2 x 6 volt 5Ah Lead Acid wich is like 4 times heavier than our LiPo battery and like 4 times longer to charge them, the other thing is we use only one LiPo battery comparing to other boats, that use 2xlead acid batteries

(so all-in-all our battery is 8 times lighter and 4 times faster to charge, also them life lasts way longer)

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