Storm R (racing equipment) top speed 50km/h
  • Storm R (racing equipment) top speed 50km/h

    Top speed 50km/h(830m/min appr.)

    Distance with one charge: 3840-5280m


    Battery - 1 x 21 volt 5Ah Lipo battery(lithium polimer battery, much lighter and efficient than the old heavy lead acid batteries, and also you need much less time to charge it, about 1hr)

    Charger - Intelligent Digital Balance Charger (imax b6 balance charger, discharger)

    Transmitter to Boat Range: 250-400 Metres

    Bait Capacity: 0.8KG approx


    Height - 25cm

    Length - 97cm

    Width - 35cm

    Weight: 3KG


    Ready to Run? - Yes

    Required to Complete - 4 AA Batteries for Handset


    Box Contents:


    1 x Storm S Bait Boat (in black colour, but you can order in unique paint for some extra)

    1 x Turnigy TGY-i6 6ch Transmitter & Receiver (Handset)

    1 x 21 volt high quality 5Ah Lipo battery (requires 1 for use)

    1 x Mains Charger

    1 x English Instructions


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